Make Athletics Go Faster

OpenTrack is the first modern, fully hosted multiuser service that's designed to help atheletics events organizers save time and effort , while making it fun for atheletes. We help you quickly and efficiently track and organize the entire life cycle of any athletics event, from your school sports day to a nation wide event. Saving time will let you save on results and presentation, letting anyone run events professionally.

Matthew Kiernan says:

For every single fixture, the admin time has been cut from 2 hours to 5 mins.

OpenTrack: Features and Benefits

The benefits of OpenTrack start from the moment you need to enter data: OpenTrack organizes all Athlete information in your event for you.

Switching means getting rid of all the paperwork, Nicola Fleet of Croydon Harriers, says she has 90% reduced paperwork – and she can do it all on holiday!

Save time: No more need for volunteering when OpenTrack can handle event management automatically. OpenTrack also checks if athletes are registered with England Athletics and comply with their regulations, letting you focus on the race rather than the housekeeping. OpenTrack will even only let you sign up for events relevant to you.

Flexible spreadsheet like interface: Each entry lets you enter many different fields. OpenTrack also uses look up fields, meaning you should never get the wrong information without being notified, and there will be far few queries for you to fix.

Take away the pressure to sign up: Lets either team mangers or individual athletes sign into events, all from one website or from a mobile device. Team managers can now focus on their team instead of admin work. If you've planned the timetable but only have 3 people for an event you can easily let people know there are open slots.

The benefits don't stop with you: Nicola also mentions that the young people in her club are more engaged, because they can see and talk about who's entered for what – no more secrecy means more fun.

Timing and Recording

Results are kept as open data: Register once, pick your own personal OpenTrack code and your data will always be kept to compare against your best results and the world's best. This allows users to keep track of their race stats with no effort, and you can even see other Athlete's results.

With a tablet device you can input your information right on the field: So data will be more accurate because the athletes themselves are entering it. Phone and tablets may fail to connect to the internet, but the OpenTrack software will continue recording data and then resync once it's connected back up. For events like cross country there is no rekeying of information, and multiple observers mean no one has to waste time focusing on who's in what place.

Get rid of unecessary tasks: There's no need for separate recorders, timekeepers, someone to help funnel the athletes and no need for the athletes to funnel themselves: Why waste your time when OpenTrack can prevent anyone from doing all of this?

For other kinds of athletics events, as each event happens you can use OpenTrack to record it right there and then. No need for photocopiers and no need to type it into the spreasheet - It's already on the web.

Timing chips are supported: OpenTrack can automatically fetch information from them to put into our servers. In fact any technology which you already use we can fetch information from, as long as it comes in as a spreadsheet.

Addtional features include: Linking to google maps. Anyone see where the event took place and browse the route as it happens. Or they may browse routes from any event where OpenTrack has been used.

Each athlete is assigned a team flag matching their bib, and individual bib numbers are automatically assigned, making organizing and distribution of bibs on the day of the event fast and efficient.


Results are viewable almost anywhere: PCs, mobile devices, tablets and large monitors. They are syndicated, searchable by anyone as open data. For ease of use, OpenTrack supports all formats. OpenTrack works on any modern web browser, including on mobile devices - you don't even need to download a separate app.

Live results as they happen: A live feed enables you to broadcast the results online to anyone with access to the URL. Now anyone anywhere with an internet connection can see your results, improving the visibility of your event. Since anyone can add them and since they can be shared anywhere on the web this will let you get the most out of your results by using them to boost numbers.

Results are presented as a live bar graph:

Watch the results as they happen, not after.

Open Data:

And it's better for the sport as well: the ability to easily exchange data means that everyone will have an incentive to work together, which benefits everyone involved in the sport in the long run. Start lists and results can be exchanged easily and quickly. This is great for events that take several days and for larger events as well.

As an extra, at the end of the event OpenTrack can automatically generates a PDF of the results, your club is now ready to print out a results booklet with no extra effort.

Save time and have fun. Use OpenTrack.