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First OpenTrack developer meetup

Thanks to everyone who came around to our office tonight! We hope to make this regular.

In attendance, with a brief bio and summary of interests:

  • Andy Robinson, ReportLab’s MD
  • Ricardo Mendonca, ReportLab’s lead developer
  • Gus Upton, Belgrave XC Captain, who has helped OpenTrack with marketing over the summer
  • Andy Weir, on sabbatical from a bond fund management career, currently serving as “Special Projects Director”
  • Bilen Ahmet, multi-events specialist at Kingston & Poly, C/C++/Rust/Python/JS developer, and using JSON-schema at work
  • Richard Kirk, 26.2 RRC (and doing results for next week’s Div 3/4 Surrey League): many years working on back end financial calculators for banks, keen to learn about front end technologies and new languages, and get age grades built into their site
  • Allan Whatmough, Ranelagh member and Django developer - formerly worked for ReportLab - just completed(?) a data analytics MSC and keen to put this to work
  • Tom Conlon, Herne Hill ex-membership secretary - runs a firm building HR systems, experience with Vue.js, websockets and node.js

We agreed that a key goal is to push forwards the athlib library to contain the following:

  • sample JSON files in our proposed new formats to describe cross-country, track and field and multi-events competitions
  • JSON schemas to validate them
  • age grade tables and corresponding calculation code
  • multi events scoring (already there)

It also needs to be packaged to be testable and deployable via “npm install”, preferably while we only have one or two functions. Tom’s our guru on this.

We resolved to meet again on Wednesday 30th November. Next time I’ll make sure we have more space, and sort out the all-important FOOD!

Other actions:

  • fix the damned CSS on this page, so that lists look like the body text ;-)

  • set up a Slack project or channel for short term chat
  • ping Slack whenever Github is updated
  • try Github for issues and tasks (it’s got a lot better recently)
  • start talking on the forum wherever possible
  • start workin on parsing WMA results (Allan?)
  • start working on Age Grade factors and code (Richard?)

On a followup note, we should shortly have sample files in other formats which we can play with for..

  • the complete Rio 2016 athletics results
  • World Masters Athletics - 2013, 2015 and 2016
  • Surrey League XC, of course
  • a few local fun runs

Once some draft schema exists, we can start to play around. This website can provide a home for any “static” experiments.

Want to give Opentrack a go?