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Data Capture

We started our biggest collaboration with European Athletic to date. They need the results of the major athletics meetings in a desire to monitor and rank athletes. The problem of multiple file formats, from pdf to handwritten, creates errors and delays into the system. We have started work with them to improve the whole process. The project was approved after Andy Robinson presented to the EA board at the European Indoors in Belgrade.


Stage 1 is to produce a standard for athletics data transfer, working with our friends in the World Wide Web Consortium. Once this work is complete, all athletics data should be sent in a standard format that will be rich enough to cover the olympic games, yet still meaningful to a local cross country league. This work will be the better, the more people that look at it. get involved and comment on github «insert link». The increase in data accuracy and speed of transmission will be a boon to the whole sport. Martin Alvarez, the Spanish W3C expert, is so enamoured of British Cross Country he has even joined Thames to get some real mud under his spikes.

Stage 2 is to help organisers record the data and convert it into the correct format. To this aim we will produce data capture or conversion tools varying from simple spreadsheet-like entry to automatic conversion of the output of the market-leading electronic timing systems.

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