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Our Privacy Notice

This notice has been produced in compliance with the European Union General Data Protection Regulations and UK Data Protection Act 2018 to inform our customers, clients and business partners how and why we use personal data.

Why we need your data

Personal data is essential to the sports services that OpenTrack offers, specifically:

  • Athletics Management Services for Federations and Clubs;
  • Track & Field Competition and Championship Management; and
  • Athletes’ performance rankings and sports media publication and broadcasting.

OpenTrack is dedicated to helping sports organisers manage their membership, events and competitions more easily (efficiently and effectively) than ever before. We also provide interactive media services that enhance the sports experience for both participants and audience to promote participation and enjoyment of sport.

Athletics Data

The Athletics Data we need has been defined by European Athletics to include the following:

  • First name and last name
  • Gender
  • Date of birth
  • Competition nationality
  • Club membership details and identifiers, including expiry and transfer dates
  • Membership or license status with any federations, including expiry dates

This data is needed to organise competitions, calculate rankings, and will be recorded in competition results that are published and broadcast in sports news items, reports and articles. Whilst the athletes’ data of birth is required to confirm age-group qualification it will translated to the athletes’ age when used in published results.

Additional Personal Data

As well as your Athletics Data we will need Additional Personal Data:

  • Contact details such as address, email, mobile numbers and social media user names
  • Proof of identity, age and nationality
  • Eligibility for a specific area/country/national competition or representational team
  • Participation and performance records, photographs, sports news reports and articles

This contact data is essential for organising your participation in events but will not be used for other purposes without your permission. Whereas, your image may appear in photographs and video coverage of competitions and be identified to you through your Athletics Data.

Who we work for (our clients) and who we share your data with

We provide services to Competition Organisers (including clubs, schools, universities, regional associations) and to National Federations, to help them take entries and manage competitions.
We process data on their behalf, with their permission and under their control. A key part of the service is a database that stores the Athletics Data on the athletes. We will exchange your Athletics Data with other parties as instructed. For example, if your club enters you in a competition, we will pass some of your Athletics Data to the competition organiser.

If we receive competition results, we will pass these onto recognised statisticians in the sport, such as Power of 10 in the UK, Tilastopaja in Finland (who maintain European rankings), or World Athletics. We will assist them outside of competitions to accurately identify athletes and ensure correctness of data.

Our Individual Customers

If you sign-up with us directly, for example, to enter a competition or manage your sports profile and performance metrics, we will control your Athletics Data and Additional Personal Data. We will process the majority of your data for as long as you are an active member and for up to 6 years after this. Records of your involvement in a particular competition, on team sheets, on results pages or in sports reports, photography or video coverage may be held indefinitely both by us, sports governing organisations and our partners in order to maintain a record of the sport.

Where this data is published or broadcast it will no longer be subject to our control.

How we use your data

We will we will use your Athletics Data to manage your services and sports memberships and your participation in competitions, and to keep in contact with you for these purposes, as follows:

  • we will use your data to maintain records of performances, including competitions and match reports, and club team competitions;
  • we will use your data to communicate sport newsletters, updates and news;
  • along with the newsletters and updates we may choose to send you promotions and offers by email or post for sports and athletics related activities, the same or similar to that you have already bought;
  • we may use the data of some individuals to invite them to take part in market research and surveys; and
  • communicating with you to ask for your opinion on sport topics and our services and improvement initiatives.
  • To fulfil a contract, or take steps linked to a contract: this is relevant where you make a payment for your membership and any merchandise, or enter a competition. This includes:
    • taking payments;
    • communicating with you;
    • providing and arranging the delivery or other provision of products, prizes or services;
  • Where you give us consent:
    • we will send you direct marketing or promotional material by email or via other media that you have opted to use;
    • we may handle medical or disability information you or your parent provides to us, to ensure we support you appropriately;
    • on other occasions where we ask you for consent, we will use the data for the purpose which we explain at that time.


We will NEVER pass your email address or contact details to sponsors without your explicit consent.

Policies we align with

In providing our services and managing your Athletics Data we will also be guided by England Athletics; and European Athletics

Your rights

You have the following rights with respect to your Athletics Data and Additional Personal Data that we hold:

  • To request a copy of the data that we hold about you;
  • Have incorrect data corrected;
  • To request that your data be erased;
  • To object to the processing of your data;

Getting in touch with us

You can contact us to discuss any privacy issues at

If you are not happy with our use of your data you may wish to raise the issue with the Information Commissioner’s Office please see for further details.

OpenTrack Privacy Notice Version 1.0
Dated 25 May 2018

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