Results Capture

1 Introduction

1.1 Results Capture system

The Results Capture system aims to get the results of athletics competitions onto the internet as quickly as possible. The benefits of this are:

  • Athletes and spectators can see their results quickly
  • Team scores can be calculated by the system
  • Once published, results are available in a standard format and can be quickly pulled in by statisticians at a national and international level
  • Officials have less work to do circulating and distributing results.
  • Federations with the IT skills can send us results directly using the OpenTrack standard in JSON.

1.2 Where this came from?

European Athletics centrally collects results from several hundred competitions around Europe. Traditionally, meeting organisers send these in various formats (often PDF) to Tilastopaja, European Athletics’ statistics provider. People have been calling for more standardisation for a long time.

We have proposed to offer a low-cost, public service for results collection and display.

1.3 Who can use it, and what does it cost?

The system has recently launched. It needs ongoing development and support. Our support contract with European Athletics covers 300 competitions per year, including most national championships around Europe, so there is usually no extra charge incurred. We hope, in due course, to make this more widely available free of charge, possibly through sponsors or contracts with national federations.

2 Results Capture

2.1 Select your venue

We have an opensource list of most of Europe’s athletics tracks. Can’t find your track? Feel free to add it.

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2.2 Select your events

We cover all the IAAF athletic events and can deal with the complexities of major competitions such as rounds, finals and multi-events.

2.3 Entering competitors

Athletes can be entered singly or in a bulk paste from a spreadsheet. Individual Entry Mode

Bulk entry mode

2.4 Inputting results

2.4.1 Race results

Manual entry

Like a spreadsheet, type or paste we just format and check the data.

Timing Systems

Upload your results straight from FinishLynx or TimeTronics.

2.4.2 Field Events

Enter from field card - we will rank athletes and do the data checks.

Or enter as the event is happening, use our recording screens for that live experience.

2.5 Status of results

Why does the status matter?

Results can be entered at any time, however they are only fully official when the match referee has approved them. It is important people understand the status of the results as they are looking at them. Events can exist in one of 3 states, each is colour coded on the display of the events.

  1. In progress - the event has not finished (or perhaps even started yet)
  2. Partial - results are not complete or have not been approved (yellow banner)
  3. Complete - final results have been entered and approved.

3 Tell the world to come and see the results.

After the event the results will be available on our website or can be downloaded in json, excel or pdf.

The fans can see the result details or even replay the field events graphically.