Competition Management

1 Introduction

OpenTrack’s Competition Management System (CMS) allows meeting organisers to deal with the complexities of a full scale track and field match. It has been used to successfully manage various events ranging from international athletics championships through to local open meetings.

Due to the various requirements of different organisers and the complexities of track and field, we are continually updating and improving the system to progress its capabilities and improve user experience.

Key benefits:

  • Volunteers and organisers spend less of their time entering data
  • Athletes and spectators can view their results quickly and in a convenient format
  • Entry payments are handled automatically and all in one place

The CMS is a combination of our Results Capture, Entry System and much more.

2 CMS Features in OpenTrack

2.1 Entries

Payments management + customisable pricing

OpenTrack takes care of all the entry payments for you.
You can customise the pricing per event or per club, as well as adding in the option for charity donations or additional purchase such as event t-shirts.

Bulk/team entries

Team managers can make use of the team entry feature and enter many athletes at once across several events with one easy group payment.

Entry restrictions

Entry restrictions can be automatically applied such as the need for a national federation licence, or restricting the entries to only from certain clubs/athletes.
The athlete entry journey can also be customised to include requests for PB/SB performances for seeding and agreements to your competition’s covid restrictions.

2.2 Event customisation

All types of events are covered - from track and field, to relays, to multi-events, to cross country, to road running, even to indoor sports hall or your own custom events!
It’s all taken care of by the OpenTrack events grid.

Fig.1 - Competition Management - Event Entry Screen.

2.3 Numbering/seeding

Numbering and seeding is all automated for you, with the ability to customise the process and manually override with any changes you want.

Fig.2 - Season's Best - Heat & Lane Seeding.

2.4 Results capture

Live results

OpenTrack displays results live on the web immediately after they are available. No more waiting around by the noticeboards for paper printouts!

Track races and chip-timed road/cross country races can have their timing files uploaded automatically with photo-finish integration. Field events or manually recorded road/cross country races can be input directly into our system from your mobile phone - available for the public to view immediately!

Chip timing and photo-finish integration

OpenTrack currently has integrations available for the following chip timing and photo-finish systems:
Alge, FinishLynx, Seiko, Swiss Timing, MacFinish / Timetronics, RaceResults, RaceTec

Don’t see your system here? Let us know and we’ll work on implementing it.

Team and combined events scoring

You name it - we’ve coded it! With more than 40 preconfigured team scoring methods and combined events scoring tables readily available in our database, as well as the ability to implement your own custom points scoring formulae, we’ve got you covered.

2.5 Downloadable/printable reports

Powered by our partner company ReportLab, OpenTrack has a vast array of easily accessible download options for all the competition data you might need.
Custom excel spreadsheets, paid entries and financials, start lists, complete results, even field cards for officials.
For our UK users, we also offer a simple xls download ready to go for upload to Power of 10.

2.6 Mailing competitors

Communicate with your entrants directly through the OpenTrack system! All emailing features are included with any competition.

3 Pricing

See our Pricing page.

If you are interested in contacting us, whether it is just to chat through the system or you would like to give it a go, please do get in touch here.