Competition Management

1 Introduction

The Competition Management system allows organisers to simply deal with the complexities of a full scale track and field match. It goes beyond Results Capture in that it allows the complete management of the match. Volunteers spend less of their time entering data and athletes and spectators can see their results quickly.

The system is in its first season but has successfully managed events ranging from international athletics championships down to open meetings.

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2 Competition Management

2.1 Full flexibility for the event organiser

We have a full management menu for the race organiser.

Using a simple hierarchical menu system all of the event details can be entered.

  • Age group event limits
  • Times of events
  • Team competition set up
  • Team scoring details
  • Links between heats and finals
  • Athlete Check in features

2.2 Create a website for the match display

Using the results capture framework we allow complete customisation of venue, event list and athlete entry.

  • Bulk athlete load
  • Full range of events covered

2.3 Number your athletes

One the athletes have been entered we can automatically allocate bib numbers, not only are these worn on the vests but they identify the athlete in the results. Most commonly used allocation algorithms are covered, we even cater for organisers using up some of last year’s numbers. Alternatively you can load yor pre-assigned bib-numbers with the athletes details.

2.4 Seed your athletes

Enter the Qualifying Performance and the athletes can be seeded either for championships or ranked open meetings. Manual override is available if too many athletes from one country are in the same heat.

We cover all the IAAF athletic events and can deal with the complexities of major competitions such as rounds, finals and multi-events.

3 Input the results

Using the same technology as results capture the results can be collated either manually or from photo-finish systems or even our live in-field recording.

The spectators benefit from live updates as the events unfold. If there is a team competition then the scores are continually updated.

Field events become easier to follow, the 30 second between trials rule means that even at modern tracks the display boards do not show the distance covered for long. At stadia without those boards, the field events are difficult for even the hard core fans to follow.

Our system, using the live field inputting, stores each trial and fans can graphically see the rankings and historical distances of all the athletes as the competition evolves.


3.1 Status of results

Why does the status matter?

Results can be entered at any time, however they are only fully official when the match referee has approved them. It is important people understand the status of the results as they are looking at them. Events can exist in one of 3 states, each is colour coded on the display of the events.

  1. In progress - the event has not finished (or perhaps even started yet)
  2. Partial - results are not complete or have not been approved (yellow banner)
  3. Complete - final results have been entered and approved.

4 Tell the world to come and see the results.

The results will now be available on our website or can be downloaded in json, excel or pdf.

The fans can see the result details or even replay the field events graphically.