Competition Management

1 Introduction

The Competition Management System (CMS) allows meeting organisers to deal with the complexities of a full scale track and field match. It goes beyond Results Capture as it allows the complete management of the match. Volunteers spend less of their time entering data and athletes and spectators can view their results quickly.

Despite being a new product, the CMS has successfully managed various events ranging from international athletics championships to local open meetings.

2 The Background

2.1 Why is it Required?

The CMS is a combination of Results Capture, Entry System and much more. Consequently the CMS provides a user-friendly, uniform platform to organise an athletics meeting. In keeping with all OpenTrack products, the aim and outcome of this is the provision of an improved experience for athletes, volunteers and spectators alike.

3 How does it work?

3.1 Data Input - Basic Configuration

There is a full management menu system for the race/meeting organiser that is logically displayed. Using a simple hierarchical menu, all the event details can be entered including, but not limited to:

  • Event entry
  • Age group event limitations
  • Event timetable
  • Team competition configuration and scoring
  • Links between heats and finals
  • Athlete check in features

3.2 Event Customisation

After completing the basic configuration set up of an event or athletics meet, a microsite for the match is displayed. This allows complete customisation of aspects such as the venue, event list and athlete entry.

Organisers are able to take advantage of the following features, amongst many others:

  • Athlete information
    • Competitors can be loaded across a full range of events in bulk, saving lots of time
Fig.1 - Competition Management - Event Entry Screen.
  • Athlete bib numbering
    • Once athletes have been entered bib numbers can be automatically allocated, allowing easy result identification. This can be done in a number of ways allowing organiser flexibiiity. They can choose from:
      • Pre-assigned bibs if they have already allocated
      • Historic bibs if copying from a previous event
      • Alphabetic
      • Alphabetic by event
  • Athlete seeding
    • By entering a qualifying performance, such as personal best or season’s best, meeting organisers can choose for athletes to be seeded for events. This facilitates things such as automatic lane selection and/or event exclusion
    • All IAAF athletic events are covered and the CMS can deak with the complexities of major competitions such as heats rounds & finals and multi-evemts.
Fig.2 - Season's Best - Heat & Lane Seeding.

3.3 Inputting Results

  • This uses the same technology as Results Capture meaning spectators can benefit from live updates as the events unfold keeping the meeting engaging and easy to follow.
  • If there is a team competition then the scores are continually updated live.
  • Using the live field event input screens, each jump or throw is stored and fans can graphically view the rankings and historical distances as the competition evolves.
  • Results can be available to view or download from the website immediately
    • Upon initial input, results are always marked as “Provisional” until the meeting organiser changes this to “Official”.

4.1 Pricing

See our Pricing page.

If you are interested in contacting us, whether it is just to chat through the system or you would like to give it a go, please do get in touch here.