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Prices updated on 18th/19th August.

Countries with national contracts

We currently have contracts with Estonia, Malta, Cyprus, Wales (UK), Norway, Belarus and Serbia. OpenTrack is generally free to use in those countries, when set up and managed by the relevant people in the national federation. If you are running a club event in one of these countries, please contact your national federation. If you’re a federation, please contact us or European Athletics.

Entries Only - 50p + 5%

If you wish to use Opentrack to take entries and collect money on a credit card, we charge 50p + 5% on each transaction. Out of this, approximately 20p + 1.5-2% goes to the card processing company. So, on a £10.00 transaction, the club would receive £9.00; and we would make approximately 50-60p after costs and taxes. If one person pays for several entries, or a whole team, at once, the club’s share goes up

You will be able to number athletes and download the entry information in a spreadsheet. You may also upload results AFTER the competition has finished.

Competition Management - £1.20 / €1.00

Using Opentrack end to end - for real or virtual competitions, with all features from entries through to seeding, live results, and score calculations - in the UK costs £1.00 + VAT (£1.20) per competitor. We can either collect this from entry fees, or invoice.

Note that the the subsidy from England Athletics that allowed us to offer this free during COVID-19 ran from April to July. Any virtual competition setbup in that time may keep running at no cost. However, any new ones will be charged as above.

Outside the UK, we charge 1 Euro per competitor, or a broadly equivalent amount in local currency, with no need to charge VAT.

Premium Support - £200

Our regular prices assume a technically-minded user who does things from the manuals. If you’d like us to set up the events and pricing, check it’s taking entries, and help you out as entries close, we offer a premium support option for £200.

If you feel these fees are not appropriate for any reason, please contact us; we’re happy to discuss arrangements for regular series of races or for high-volume events. However, bear in mind that we do need to cover our own time; and if your event might take up a few hours of our support time, the income needs to broadly cover the cost!

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