Entry System

1 Introduction

The system is designed to take the entries for a range of athletics events from complete county athletics championships to local fun runs. It will

  • Deal with credit card charges
  • Give up to date accounting information
  • Check national licenses
  • Intelligently guide athletes to the correct events
  • Produce reports for volunteers

2 The Entries System

2.1 Each event has its own microsite

Custom branding available on request

2.2 Match Configuration

We let you edit almost everything about the championships. Events, costings, maximum number of athletes, descriptive text all these can be controlled

2.3 Managing the entries

Once entries are in progress, you’ll want to keep an eye on them, correct things, and deal with issues from your customers. Often, these people have not yet paid for their entry. The green tick or cross tells you whether they are up to date with their UKA license.

2.4 Allowing late entries and invitations

This feature was developed so that the Night of the 10,000 could invite people from a reserve list. It could also be used if you want to let a handful of people enter late by mutual agreement. In the admin you can set a late entry password:

When they goto the event website if they can submit the right password, they will be able to make entries from that user account for the next hour.

2.5 Can we help you organise the match?

Taking entries is only the first stage of running a successful athletics fixture. The benefit of taking electronic entries is that the data is stored properly and can be manipulated to help you. To number your athletes we have a variety of options available.

Even before any numbering we can produce reports for you.

3 Testimonials and Feedback

The system has been used for almost 200 events over the last 3 years and taken 45,000 individual entries. As we have added features and the system has reached maturity the feedback has been very positive.

“For every single fixture, the admin time has been cut from two hours to five minutes.”
Matthew Kiernan

“My paperwork has been cut by ninety percent – and I can do it all on holiday.”
Nichola Fleet, Croydon Harriers

“The work was covered seamlessly by your system”
Andrew Stringer, Fulham Running Club

4 What next?