Federation Management

1 Introduction

The OpenTrack federation management system has been developed working European Athletics, and with the national federations of Estonia, Malta, Cyprus and Belarus. We are grateful to them for their feedback and patience.

Federation officials can

  • Approve license requests
  • Set up championships

Club representatives can

  • Add new members to the system
  • Add a coach
  • Edit details about their club members
  • Request annual licenses from the federation
  • Make team entries to competitions

Athletes can

  • Profiles etc

In partnership with Tilastopaja, European Athletics’ statistics provider, we offer a complete solution for national rankings and athlete biographies, covering all age groups and all registered athletes.

2 Federation Management

2.1 System Roles

The system understands the hierarchy of control and data visibility issues so has various levels of access from federation officers through club officers and down to the athletes themselves.

2.2 Multiple Languages

We understand that English is not the first language of Europe and have successfully translated our system into the following languages (and alphabets): Estonian, Belarus, Greek, French and Serbian.

iPad Black

2.3 Club Administrators

Each club admin can add new athletes as they come into the sport, see all their members and their current status. They can make or request changes to be made.

2.3.1 Licence Status

The licence status (see last column in the above screen shot) will vary

Authenticated (logged-in) users will see:

Status Icon
currently active green tick
expired but can renew paper plane

To request a new license the club admin simply clicks on the athlete.

Every night, the federation will get an email alert with the athletes waiting, and will send an invoice. When licensing is complete the validity will be extended.

For countries using a national numbering scheme (e.g. Malta), this is where the Federation can issue a bib number to the athlete, which is then visible to everyone for the rest of the season.

2.3.2 Entering Competitions

A major purpose of the system is to manage entries to competitions.
You can see upcoming competitions which are open for entries on the front page of your web site.

The team manager selects athletes for each event by simply selecting the event and then clicking on the athletes name from a drop down list. Predictive text speeds the process up for large clubs. The system ensures that only those with the correct gender and age enter each event.

3 Managing Competitions

Countries adopting the Federation Management System get full access to our Results Capture and Competition Management System for their national-level events. Entries flow in seamlessly, everyone knows where to find the results, and data (with properly identified athletes) flows directly to our statistical partners to keep rankings up to date.

4 Testimonials and Feedback

Here’s what Sirje Lippe, General Secretary of the Estonian Federation, has to say:

  • Federation is more visible
  • The number of website visitors has increased
  • The work for all involved parties has been simplified – federation people, club managers, coaches, athletes, statisticians etc.
  • Licensing insertion and verification is almost gone (before it took 1-2 month..)
  • Bibs distribution and preparations for completion is much quicker (before it took 3-4 days, now 3-4 hours)

5 Next Steps

This is a joint initiative funded by European Athletics to help with the growth of the sport. To find out more, please contact either info@opentrack.run or technical@european-athletics.org