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Terms and Conditions


OpenTrack’s goal is to help athletics grow by making competitions more fun and easier to manage.

The first step to a well-run competition is to take entries quickly and accurately, with a system that understands the sport. Athletics is complicated, with many different types of competitions and rules, and the development is an ongoing journey.

OpenTrack is always developing (keep an eye on our newsletter) and we aim to keep pace with the cutting edge of athletics, all while making life easier for you as a meeting organiser.

Costs and money handling

We use Stripe to take online payments.

Meeting organisers wishing to use our Entry System pay a basic rate of 50p + 5% on each card transaction. Thus, on a £10.00 “basket” (e.g two events at £5.00), the host club will keep £9.00.

Our Competition Management System (CMS) is charged on entry at £1.20 per competitor (£1 + VAT). If you have an event where entries have been taken elsewhere, and wish to use the CMS, we are able to invoice per competitor after the event.

Funds are transferred to your own bank account at a frequency you can set in the Stripe control panel - usually on a 7 day rolling basis.

We reserve the right to revise these prices and will update this page at our earliest convenience to reflect any potential changes.

Skills required on your side

Any number of users from your club or organisation can have admin rights for a competition; it’s good to have more than one, in case the regular contact is busy or away.

We assume that these users are IT-literate, with good attention to detail; and that they will be around and have time to respond to enquiries about your competition. If this is not the case, you may want to discuss an enhanced service where we charge a bit more and can be the ‘help desk’ - see below.

Initial Setup

You will need to do the following things:

  1. Sign up for an account on OpenTrack
  2. Create your meeting on our competition listing page
  3. Sign up for a Payments account with Stripe
  4. Set up the entry configuration for your competition

Your responsibilities

You will be the first line of support for athletes entering your competitions, which entails the following:

  1. Provide a public contact email address for the meeting.
  2. If one of your users does have a problem, and you need to contact us, obtain detailed information to help us track down the problem.
    • How far did they get?
    • What error message did they see?
    • What options were they inputting?
    • Have they tried on a second device?
    • When did it happen, so we can check our logs?

Our responsibilities

We aim to provide a high quality, reliable service to all customers, whether a school fun run or international championships, with the following service level:

  1. Keep OpenTrack up and running 99.99% of the time
  2. Fix genuine, reproducible bugs and issues as soon as possible
  3. In most cases, respond on the same day within UK working hours (09:00-18:00), with 5 technical staff available to help.

Extra charges

The following items will be chargeable separately:

  • Custom event websites: if you’d like a special look and feel, we are very happy to quote to implement it.
  • Custom programming: if you require a feature that does not currently exist on the system, then we are happy to discuss paid enhancements.
  • Custom support: If you would like your competitors to be able to come straight to us with issues, and leave you out of it, or you want us to take on the administration of some or all of your competition, we are happy to discuss your requirements
  • High level meetings: We are delighted to play host to many high level competitions each year. The expectations and requirements for these meetings are typically a bit higher than your average open meeting, so meetings at World Athletics Indoor/Continental Tour-level, or events of a similar magnitude, have custom pricing.

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