Virtual Racing

1 The Isolation Age

With the country in lock-down and all sport, including athletics(?!) on hold, you could be forgiven for heading for a pit of despair; no group training, no banter, no competition!!!

Fear not, because OpenTrack, alongside the sport’s forever hard-working officials and volunteers, have got you covered … VIRTUAL RACING.




Already in action from the 21st March, Thames Hare & Hounds hosted a inter-club 5km race whilst Belgrave Harriers and Herne Hill Harriers hosted a virtual 12-Stage between them. As we speak, races that would otherwise be cancelled are going virtual, hosted on OpenTrack.

1.1 What is Virtual Racing?

Encourage participants to run the specified distance within a certain time-frame. Submit results from Garmin or Strava. We work out all the team scores and rankings, and try to display it nicely. You can see what everyone else did!

iPad Black
Fig.1 - Mobile Race Results.

Please take care that in these difficult times, you avoid crowds and go out at quiet times. Otherwise, you might get this new sport banned!

1.2 New Features, small changes

With the assistance of OpenTrack these races have the perfect platform to be hosted and displayed with attractive results alongside instantaneous scoring and Strava/Garmin route upload for quality checking . . . not that you can’t be trusted, but the club just behind you will want to check!

OpenTrack are working to provide some fun new features to help facilitate this and are looking forward to hosting the first ever Virtual National 12 Stage Relay over the next week or so. We’re also working with the Norwegian federation to help organise a big charity event.

New features in the pipeline (due by 4th April) include:

  • Easily filter and find the Virtual Races on our platform
  • Specify the ‘racing window’
  • Submit your own results easily with one copy/paste from Garmin or Strava
  • Charitable donation options on any race

1.2 Benefits for everyone!

This provides an excellent opportunity for everyone to keep training hard to stay fit, maintain their competitive spirit and provides a fair few bored officials with something to do!

You’re lucky to be able to run, so why not raise money for people suffering due to the virus?