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Summer Programming Internships

These positions have now been filled

OpenTrack is offering up to 3 summer internships as software developers this summer.
If you’re graduating in computer science or a related field now, otherwise have the summer free, or are looking to transition into this field, this is a great chance to get experience of the full software development life cycle, and write real production code every day.

You need:

  • A passion for, and a deep understanding of athletics
  • A solid knowledge of Python
  • To be comfortable with a Linux or Mac development environment

You’ll either specialise in back end (Django/MySQL/Mongodb) or front end skills (Bootstrap 4, VueJS), and you need to have a solid knowledge of one of these areas.
If you’ve built Django sites before or worked on non-trivial Django projects, or with other web frameworks, this is of great interest.

You will get 3 months solid experience working with an expert development team, helping us cope with demand from hundreds of clubs and several national governing bodies. There is the possibility of a permanent position to anyone who impresses us enough over the summer.

Our sister tech company, ReportLab, maintains a major open source library and has been building enterprise systems for 20 years, so you’ll be guided by developers with decades of experience. We’ve helped many people to a great start in a programming career over the years.

We will pay £10.00 per hour for up to 25 hours per week. You get to work from home, obviously!

Please send your application and resume to info@opentrack.run

These positions have now been filled

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