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OpenTrack rapid rollout in Bosnia & Herzegovina

We’re delighted to report that Bosnia & Herzegovina has adopted OpenTrack with record speed!

The contract was signed before Christmas. At the start of February the main administrator, Jasmin Gavranović (a coach who has also put together the federation’s great new website ), started inviting clubs to add their members, and licence them centrally. They have now had two successive weekends of indoor National Championships, with senior championships on 18/19 February, and juniors on 25/26th, and almost 600 athletes registered for this season. A full calendar is planned, with a throwing cup on March 4th and a cross country championships on March 11th.

“The Opentrack system has made competitions much easier to organise. This sophisticated system provides a fantastic overview of competitors and disciplines. It’s great to have an overview of the results right after the race. It reduces bureaucracy and speeds up the process. It is easy to use, even for people with basic technology skills”. - Jasmin Gavranovic

This rapid adoption was made possible through groundwork a few years ago. Some of the first tests of our live results recording happened at competitions in BiH in summer 2017, so we had a handful of people familiar with the system, including their key timing firm OnTime Sarajevo.

Many thanks to everyone who has worked hard to make this a success.

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