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OpenTrack Relay Features Now Live

As the complete platform for the management of athletics, OpenTrack is delighted to release a versatile solution for relays, covering track and field, road, and cross country.

Our user-friendly process simplifies the often complex process of managing relays for athletes, team managers, and event organisers, as well as making results more accessible for fans.


A streamlined entry system allows teams to enter and pay for multiple teams in one go, without the need for lengthy declarations that bear no resemblance to reality come race day!


Team declarations can then take place shortly before the event, at a time specified by the organiser. Our declaration screens make this task as simple as possible, with a process that has seen use across Europe this summer, including in the UK’s National Athletics League.

Results Input

As we continue to look to cut down on admin for event organisers, we have introduced multiple easy-to-use methods of results input which can be updated during the race to give live results.

Results Display

Our flexible results display allows spectators to choose how they want to view results, with users able to view positions as they were after each stage, rankings of fastest legs, or simply final placings.

To find out more about our comprehensive relays product offering, or any other aspect of using OpenTrack to manage events from open meetings to national championships, get in touch with us at

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